1. Is there any charge? If you bring your own tube your ticket it $5. 
  2. Where can I get a tube?  You can rent or buy one from us when you reserve your free movie ticket, or you can bring your own.
  3. Do we bring our own life jackets? Yes. We do not rent them, and you are required to have a Coast Guard approved vest before you can get in the water.
  4. ​Can I bring a cooler? No, there is no room with 1,200 tubes in the area.
  5. What if I get hungry? We have concessions there and also sell waterproof bags.
  6. Can I come in my boat?  Yes, but you will have to stay outside the roped-in safety area where tubers are floating. 
  7. Do you try to scare us during the show? No. We want you to have a good time and earn your T-shirt fairly!
  8. What if I need to leave the water? You will not be allowed to leave the water during the movie except for a medical emergency. 
  9. What if it rains? As long as it is not lightening or there are not high winds, we will hold the event, so come on.
  10. Can I bring my children? Yes, but only if they are over age 12. You will have to fill our a liability waiver for everyone in your party and sign on behalf of your minor children. Adults sign their own waivers.
  11. Can I use something other than a tube, like a float? We would rather you did not. This water is 70' deep. It is really dark in the water, and it is crowded with all the floaters. We are most concerned for your safety. Tubes seem safest.


Jaws on the Water at Mitchell Creek Marina

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