Jaws on the Water at Mitchell Creek Marina

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Jaws on the water at Mitchell creek Marina

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Hello Courageous Tubers!

We are so excited to be showing Jaws for our guests. We'd like to give you all an overview of what will be happening right here, and we've made a list of things that you might need to know here

For the safety of all tubers, will have roped off an area designated for tubers only. We have allowed for the space to be big enough for up to 1,200 tubers.  

There will not be enough space for floating coolers for drinks. Only single person tubes will be permitted for space and safety reasons. You may rent a tube or bring your own.

Please bring your own life jackets as they must be worn throughout the entire movie. Life Jackets must be U.S. Coast Guard Approved, meaning no ski belts or wake vests. We do not have any life jackets for rent. There are, however, several for sale in our store if you forget yours, but please try to remember to bring your own. The water is 50-70 feet deep where the movie will be shown. Therefore, a life jacket is required to be worn at all times.

No Alcohol will be permitted due to safety concerns. Safety is our number one priority here at Mitchell Creek Marina. TWRA's Emergency Response Teams will be on site for the entire movie. If an emergency occurs, there will be multiple pads in the area you can swim to in order to get out of the water. Also, the bank will be rocky where we will allow you into and out of the water, so please bring appropriate shoes for the water, such as water shoes and waterproof shoes.

Check in will be at the Marina Store, and there will be signs posted directing you there. Please bring your tickets or confirmation emails with you to ensure quick and easy check in. No one will be permitted into the water that hasn’t registered. Here are some guidelines.

You can check in three hours prior to the show, and we advise everyone to come early to ensure everyone gets checked in and into the water before the show starts. We will allow tubers in the water 40 minutes before show time. We have a restaurant and will have food vendors available both at reasonable costs for all of your food and drink needs.

Also, everyone is required to sign a liability release form at the time of check in before allowing everyone to enter the water. This is just a safety precaution and as you already know safety comes first, and we want everyone to be safe and have fun throughout the entire movie!

Parking: You can park anywhere at our marina, and there will be shuttles to transport you to the marina, food locations and to the movie entrances.

We also have pontoons, jet skis, houseboats and cabins if you would like to make a fun day or even night of it. You can reserve these here.

There are campgrounds nearby if you would prefer to camp. These include Standing Stone and Deep Valley

We should have plenty of shirts for those of you who make it through the entire movie on a tube. There will also be plenty of other shirts for sale along with many other types of Jaws memorabilia. If you would like to get your shirt before coming to the show, we are selling our shirts online at our Marina Store. We highly recommend you purchase souvenir Jaws T-Shirts and Sweatshirts online now as there are limited quantities available of these. We will still be selling these at all of the Jaws showings as well.

We hope you enjoy Jaws at our marina and look forward to seeing everyone! 

Thank you!

The Crew at Mitchell Creek Marina