Jaws on the Water at Mitchell Creek Marina

Remembering Jaws

Dale Hollow Lake

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Be a survivor! Watch the original "Jaws" movie on a giant screen while floating in Dale Hollow Lake on an inner tube at Mitchell Creek Marina and win a T-shirt!

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"This was one of the best parts of my summer! So happy we decided to go. Jaws on the lake was one heck of a experience. Definitely would recommend going here."  – Ashley Fuller


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"We had an awesome time at the Jaws event. This was seriously one of the best organized events I have attended in quite some time. We rode over from our camp site and worried there wouldn't be enough parking. There was plenty of room right at the marina store and we were able to hang out for a couple hours. From the move over to the swim area to heading back over to our boat, everything went very smooth. A+ guys! We'll definitely be back!"

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Jaws On the Water Movie

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